Shanghai T.S. Industrial Co.,Ltd specializes in the research, manufacture and sales of high-precision seamless hydraulic steel tubes and cold-drawn welded tubes for various industries such as engineering machinery, automotive vehicles, railway locomotives, precision machinery, ships, aerospace, hydraulic energy, and industrial equipment. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive application solutions and attentive services to our customers.

We use high-quality carbon steel as raw material and employ advanced production techniques to ensure that our precision seamless steel tubes have no oxide layer on the inner and outer surfaces, exhibiting high brightness and dimensional accuracy. The inner and outer walls of these tubes possess bright characteristics similar to stainless steel, meeting the special requirements of various industries for high precision and high cleanliness seamless steel tubes. Our tubes fully comply with the mechanical performance requirements such as high pressure resistance, tensile strength, and impact resistance and demonstrate excellent mechanical properties.

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  • ASTM A511 Mechanical Steel Tube

  • ASTM A269 Hydraulic Steel Tube

  • Stainless Steel Tubes for Hydraulic Instrumentation

  • Small-Diameter Heavy-Wall Tube|Heavy-Wall Tubing

  • What are cold-rolled pipe and cold-drawn pipe?


    Cold-rolled pipe and cold-drawn pipe are two common types of steel pipes. Cold rolling and drawing of tube is a method of cold processing of tubes at room temperature, which belongs to the deep processing of hot-rolled tubes and welded tubes.

  • What do BA, EP, AP, and MP grades refer to?


    What do BA, EP, AP, and MP represent in the surface treatment levels of stainless steel tubes? Enhancing its corrosion resistance, appearance, and performance.

  • Imperial Electro-Zinc Plated Hydraulic Tube


    Imperial Electro-Zinc Plated Hydraulic Tube is a pipe manufactured to British measurement standards, electroplated with zinc for corrosion resistance, primarily used in hydraulic systems,